Why learn French?

Below are links to blog posts, articles, and other interesting information about the importance of learning a world language in today's world.
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4 reasons why global fluency matters This is a fabulous open letter to 6th graders, but it is a good read for any student.

A very informative presentation on the importance of language learning. Created by Lexington School District One.
Find out which businesses are located right here in South Carolina!

Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language
An interesting article from the New York Times. The study shows that bilingual babies are more 'cognitively flexible'
than monolingual babies.

Why Learn French?
From the Cultural Services of the French Consulate of Boston.

Surprising fields in which a second language will pay off

Ellen Bialylstok: Bilingual Brains are More Healthy
From The Guardian.

Which is the Best Language to Learn?
by Robert Lane Green, a business correspondant for The Economist. What do you think? Do you agree with him?

Why Bilinguals are Smarter
An op-ed article from The New York Times.

Speaking to Le MondeRichard Shryock, Virginia Tech professor, argues that French is the most practical language to learn. Lots of interesting facts!