Practice French online! You will get instant feedback and it's fun!


Tex's French Grammar Click on 'Tools' to get to the verb tutoring or conjugator pages. Click on 'Grammar' for explanations and exercises with instant feedback.
Online French Verb Conjugation Trainer
French Online Grammar QuizzesGet instant feedback! Great practice tool!
Moddou FLE - Conjugation ! Many tenses available.
Moddou FLE - Grammar Practice Exercise Instant feedback!


Moddou FLE - Phonetics Listen to French pronounced by native speakers. Some exercises with audio.
Listening exercises on a variety of topics. Instant feedback.
The Travel LinguistLots of videos for beginning learners of French! TV (Short news clips.)
Watch some cartoons! (Belgian website.)


TV5 Online Dictionary Get definitions, synonyms, conjugations, and more!
French Pictorial Vocabulary Great resource for pronunciation practice of vocabulary by theme, grammar, and beginner/advanced readings!


Free Rice Word Game Click on 'French' under 'Language Learning' and guess the meaning of the words in French. For each answer you guess right, FreeRice donates ten grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. What a worthy cause! Allez-y!
Quia French Interactive activities to help you learn French. Battleship, Rags to Riches, quizzes, and more!
Moddou FLE - Vocabulary & Games Includes listening practice.