Unit 1

Écoutez l'alphabet français.
Podcast: L'alphabet et les numéros de 0 à 30 Listen to the alphabet and numbers. Just click on 'Play' and voilà!
Écoutez les numéros(numbers).
Les numéros de 0 à 30 Practice numbers with your choice of matching, flash cards, concentration, or a word search.

Official French-Speaking Countries
Podcast - Se présenter - Liliane se présente. Listen to the podcast and fill in the blanks.

Restaurants in FranceA list of restaurants in France. Click on a restaurant that interests you. If the restaurant has a website, you will see a link for it("Site" or "site web" is the word for website. Not sure where to find the menu? Look for words like "carte" and "menu".
List of gyms in Paris, France
ASPTT Paris - club de sport à ParisOne gym to explore.
Practice writing the date.