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Bonnes vacances!

1. Read Le Petit Prince. Read the comprehension questions for each chapter that go along with the book. Type your answers (multiple choice) to the questions in an e-mail and send them to me before the first day of school. I'll check your answers and send you the corrections. Be prepared to take a short comprehension quiz, discuss the book and completed graded tasks. **Here's a review website! Le Petit Prince - review activities

2. Complete the following activities using the provided log in either PDF or Word format. Either e-mail me your work or bring it to class on the first day in August.
(Grand merci to Madame Theisen, Loveland High School, Loveland, Colorado, for developing this summer work for our students!)

What plan of action will you design in order to practice French as much as possible in order to reach higher levels of proficiency?

Log: Download as many of these sheets as you need to complete the summer work of a minimum of 30 minutes per week. Organize these sheets in a way that is easy for me to understand and see what you did.

Click on this link for the Word document if you'd like to type your work.

Vary what you use on this site each week. For example, listen to the news one week, try some games another week, listen to music or practice your grammar and vocabulary another week, review some of the textbook activities and games at the bottom of the page, etc. The more variety, the more skills you develop.

Preparing for the AP assessments demands that you also reflect on what you need to learn and practice in order to reach your goals and the goals of the program. Spending a little time everyday listening to French-language Francophone songs, playing games in French, watching French-language Francophone television shows, cartoons, etc. online, or watching part of a French-language Francophone movie on a regular basis will improve your language skills for the AP assessments drastically. By the time the exam comes, you will be able to think in French better each day. Remember it is up to you to continue to practice. Language learning is a skill that must be developed frequently and over a long period of time.
If you find a link you want to add to this page, e-mail it to me. Indicate the category I should put it in also.

Test Your Proficiency

Click on this link to test your proficiency level.
Test your proficiency with different categories at different levels. Cours de français - École de Nice
Bite-size French practice tests in listening and reading.

Practice Tests at all levels
Test de français
BBC French Test
Grammar Practice Tests
Transparent Language
New York Regents - Exam for French

AP Practice Exam questions
Sample Exam Question 1

Téléphone-moi avec Google Voice!

Podcast - Call my Google Voice number. Greet me in French and tell me your French name. Talk for a minute or two about your summer vacation activities up to this point, talk about family, friends, weather, your job, movies or books, travel, daily routine, etc. Use a variety of tenses and grammar. Just keep talking!
Do not use any notes. Draw pictures instead to remind yourself.

Lots of Choices
Best French Sites - Professor Becker

Listening/Viewing Practice (Les Infos-news)
Les infos (news)-It is important to be aware of global current events. Your exams ask you to read and/or listen to texts and synthesize the information into a writing or a short response with justification. You will also find links to Francophone music, film, etc.
RFI (Radio France International) - Les infos du jourListen to news reports, answer comprehension questions, and get instant answers!
RFI - AcceuilLes infos et la musique
Radio France
La Banque mondiale
BBC - Ma France Interactive, theme-based videos
BBC Afrique - Acceuil
BBC Languages - French
Frenglish News In French and English. (Good start for practice AP-type exercises.)
TV5 Monde - L'actualité en vidéoTV5 Monde - Les 7 Jours sur la PlanèteTV5 Monde - la chaîne YouTubeTV5 Monde - Afrique
TV5 Monde - Continent Noir
TV5 Monde - Coup de Pouce pour la planète
Canöe Infos - Québec
Culturebox - Le 1er guide culturel en vidéo - Les infos
France 24 - La chaîne YouTube
Authentic French Listening Resources
Podibus - Contenus culturels nomadesGood site for AP format - listening and reading.

Listening/Viewing Practice
BrainPOP - learning videos
French TV
GLEE en français
Courts dialogues avec transcription
Lyrics TrainingWatch/Listen to music videos in French and fill in missing lyrics.
La cuisine - Vidéos pour préparer des plats
La cuisine au Sénégal
Les maths - vidéos
Les maths #2 - vidéos YouTube
La Magie et les jeux aux cartes
Curiosphè - vidéos
La FrancebisAuthentic listening activities.
Radio France Internationale

Listening Practice (La musique, les films, les exposés, etc)
Lafrancebis - Current topics, exposés and listening exercises
Clips de musique francophone
Chansons et exercicesFaites les exercices du niveau avancé.
Lyrics GapsFill in the missing words while listening to the song.
TV5 - Stars ParadeMusique en Afrique et aux Antilles.
MSN - vidéos françaises
French In ActionSeries of soap opera French instruction videos about the adventures of Robert and Mireille.
La chanson française et francophone

Reading Practice (Lire)
Journaux en France
Expedition humanitaire au Sénégal
Flunch - site web du restaurant français
INSEE- Statistiques de la vie française, etc.
PARIS Jeunes
Ados.frSite pour les adolescents - actualités, music, TV-séries, cinéma, santé, etc.
Les petits citoyens
La francebisReading selections on French history with comprehension questions.
Conte-moi la francophonieAfrican stories with video.
Blogue français - culture
Reader's Digest - Canada - exercices de lectureHarry Potter, Les Schtroumpfs, Les X-Men, etc.
EuronewsInfos en direct.
European Space Agency
La cuisineRecettes - gâteaux, biscuits, pâtisseries
Cavilum VichySeries of advanced level themes and activities.

Grammar Practice (Grammaire)
Walk, Talk, and Learn - Videos Scroll down to find them.
Les verbes
Bon Voyage! Textbook Series - Online Language Exercises
Advanced Grammar
Advanced Grammar #2
Français InteractifStudents explore French language and culture by following the lives of real UT students who have participated in the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France. Online curriculum includes over 320 videos, vocabulary and phonetics audio, online grammar reference with self-correcting exercises and audio dialogues, verb conjugation and practice tools, diagnostic grammar quizzes (testez-vous), a workbook of classroom activities and homework assignments, online polls, and Internet writing activities.

Vocabulary Practice (Vocabulaire)
Series of Voicethreads Created by many people on various topics in French.BBC FrenchSituations on video with transcripts.Extra - Le magazine en ligne pour les étudiants de françaisDes jeux!

Cultural Knowledge (Culture)
Le patrimoine français French national heritage websites.
Parlez-vous?Lots of culture links.
CultureboxInfo culturel en vidéo. (Très cool!) - les infos
Cajun Culture
Le Top 25 - Chansons

LiT glossThis site has a connection to original selections of literature in many different languages. Also included is the context of the work and additional resources to better understand it.
Audio-Vidéo LittératureListen to or see authors' works.
Littérature audio
Littérature - audio et vidéo
LittératureAudio.comPlus de 1900 livres gratuits!

Le Louvre - Site officiel
La gargouille qui parle à la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Les Jeux
Des jeux
Connais-tu l'anatomie? - Anatomy Game
Sudoku sur
Des jeux sur Moddou
TranslationZillaCompare your language skills with your friends. (Attn: This game requires you to register.)
Allô ProfCliquez sur 'Jeux'.
Jeux sur Bravo!

Technology and Language Fun
Le LaboratoireDécouvrez, expérimentez, jouez, bricolez....avec les sciences.
Picasso HeadDesign your head and then describe yourself. Use new adjectives.
Google Sketchup!Download and create a French shop front, a French house, the Eiffel Tower, etc in 3D.
Miss Glace FlunchÉcoutez les candidats et puis votez.
BlabberizeMake a talking picture in French.

2012 AP Exam

AP French Exam Format - beginning 2012